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Film in Release
  by Anchalee Chaiworaporn, Sorradithep Supachanya




Dec 29, 05*

Ghost Variety


26 Jan

Dangerous Flowers


02 Feb

Ocean Butterfly


9 Feb Just Friend ͹о

9 Feb

Ghost of Valentine


23 Feb



02 Mar Invisible Waves Թ ǿ ӾԾҡط      

09 Mar


վԹ ó

23 Mar Navy Boys Ӿԡŧ                      

30 Mar


˹ ѡŧ

06 Apr Black Night ҧ - ͡ - ͹ ( - - ͧ)
12 Apr Thai Thief ¶պ
20 Apr The Magnificent Five  - - - - ͡
27 Apr Ghost Game - -
  Boa ѡ
11 May Mor 8 . 8
18 May Khan-kluai: Animation ҹ
  1 June Noo-Hin: the Movie ˹Թ
  The Memory ѡѧ
  15 June The Last Song ŧش
  13 July Colic ԡ 繼
  Metrosexual ꧤйաѺͺ
  20 July Delivery Sexy Love áԨԴѡ
  27 July Loveaholic ⤵ѡ
    3 August See How They Run
  10 August Mercury Man
  17 August The Gig С
  24 August Cadaver Ⱦ
  31 August Seasons Change Seasons Change
    9 Septem The Seeds (re-released)
  14 Septem   ١š...ŵ
  21 Septem Recycle   (ͧ - )
    5 October 13 Beloved 13 ͧ
  12 October The Victim դ
  19 October The Passion Ե
  Lucky Loser ҡ
    2 November The Unseeable ໹Ѻ
  23 November Khon Chon Kai Ҫ
  23 November

Letters to Death

ŵ ¹觵
  30 November Noodle Boxer ʺʹԷ˹
  30 November Legend of Sudsakorn شҤ
    4 December The Possible
  21 December Tabunfire 俺Թ
  28 December The Golden Riders ҡѺ

Schedule is subject to change
*This film continued the release until mid-Jan 2006.


FILM DETAILS                                               

See below for English information                             



Black Night
Director: Takahiko Akiyama (Dark Hole segment) Thanit Jitnukul (The Lost Memory segment) Patrick Leung (Next Door segment)
Cast: Takashi Kashiwabara, Asaka Seto, Tomorowo Taguchi (Dark Hole segment); Nutsha Bootsri, Athipan Chantapichai, Kajonsak Ratananisai, Pitchanart Sakakorn (The Lost Memory segment); Dylan Kuo, Annie Liu, Race Wong (Next Door segment)
Synopsis: An omnibous film on Asian ghosts by Japanese, Hong Kong and Thai directors.

Dark Hole segment : Bride-to-be Yuki (Asaka Seto) one day notices a boy in a yellow outfit appears in real out of her many nightmares. However, he is only visible to Yuki and he vanishes when she recognizes his presence, only leaving a puddle of water behind. Taking her finances advice to see a psychiatrist, she finally reveals her secret under hypnosis that she used to have an unknown creature as a pet.

The Lost Memory segment : Prang (Pitchanart Sakkakorn) is a single mother who lives with her young son. A mysterious man seems to shadow Prang wherever she goes and she believes that the man has been sent by her ex-husband with a malicious intent of stealing her son. Prang keeps losing her memories and the more she searches, the more scary incidents of her turbulent past come back to haunt her.

Next Door segment : On a fateful night during the month of the ghost festival, Taiwanese girl Jane (Annie Liu) returns to look for her policeman boyfriend, only to discover that he has started an affair with his neighbor, a girl from China.



Director: Chanintorn Muengsuwan
Cast: Noppan Noonyai, Kiratikorn Ratkulthorn, Sittha Lertsrimongkol
Synopsis:When one of their friends disappears without a trace in a remote jungle, the rest of the team decide to search for him on a hot air balloon. Unfortunately, the balloon crashes in the jungle where they encounter the largest and most vicious boa in the land. Not all of them will make it out alive.



Cadaver, The
Dulyasit Niyomkul
Cast:Nattamanakarn Srinikornchote, Nirut Sirijanya
Synopsis:Mai (Nattamanakarn Srinikornchote) is a second-year medical student who, as her courses required, learns anatomy from The Cadaver, a deceased person who donates his entire body to medical university. Unlike other students, Mai notices that some of these principals follow her and more try to hurt her.




Patchanont Thammajira
Cast: Pimpan Chalayonkoop, Witaya Wasukraipisan, Kunnathira Sattabongkot
Synopsis: Infant colic is a common condition in which a healthy baby cries for extended periods without a known reason, and often disappears by itself before the baby is eight months old. However, Pan, the first child of Praeploy (Pimpan Chalayonkoop) and Pongpop (Witaya Wasukraipisan), continues to suffer from this infant colic much longer than most babies. An investigation leads to a horrifying truth.


Dangerous Flowers
Director: Poj Arnon
Cast: Jintara Pullarb, Bongkoch Kongmalai, Kessarun Ektawatkul
Genre: action comedy
Synopsis: Chaba, Kularb, Poysien, Docnawuaw, and Dogbua are the code name of five female agents. They are on a national mission to find and protect The Royal Crown, a treasure of Thai national heritage.



Delivery Sexy Love
Simon Chotianand
Cast: Danai Samutkojorn, Natalie Jiawanont, Yarichata Wathanawongsiri, Worapoj Cha-aim
Synopsis: A handsome pizza delivery man falls in love with a rich familys daughter and must do everything to win her and her familys acceptance.





Director: Songyos Sugmakanan
Cast: Charlie Trairat, Jintara Sukphat, Sutthipong Thadpitakkul, Nipawan Thaweepornsawan
Synopsis: 12-year-old Chatree is abruptly sent to a boarding school against his wish. There, he makes no new friends, the class bully terrifies him with ghost tales, and his teacher exhibits eccentric behaviors. Eventually, he befriends classmate Wichien and things look bright until one day Chatree discovers something about Wichien. .



Gig, The
Thanet Maneejak
Cast: Kittikoon Samritpansuk, Andrea Pullicelli, Bromawut Hiranyathiti, Thitinant Suwanthaworn, Apipa Kitipongsaman, Sarawadee Permsintawee
Synopsis:A group of university students form The Gig Club, a society in which there are no rules for love and relationship.




Ghost Game

Director: Sarawuth Wichiensan
Cast: Pachornpol Jantieng, Supatsiri Patomnupong, Thanyanan Mahapirun, Phongsak Rattanapong
Synopsis:Eleven contestants compete for the first prize of the Ghost Game reality show in which they must survive a haunted Cambodian prison camp. The film features eleven real-life contestants of the first season of Academy Fantasia, the most popular reality show in Thailand .



Ghost of Valentine
Yuthlert Sippapak
Pitisak Yaowananont, Ploy Jindachot, Kowit Wattanakul, Wiyada Umarin
A heartbroken nurse named Sao moves to Bangkok and, on Valentines Day, starts working at a dilapidated hospital where she befriended a crooked-mouth and disfigured-legged janitor named Noom. There, she discovers a torn 1941 photograph, and herself to be a krasue, a Thai ghost which looked human during the day but at night detached its head and entrails and flew around looking for discarded fetus placenta to eat.


Invisible Wave
Director: Pen-Ek Rattanaruang
Cast: Asano Tadanobu, Gang Hye-Jang, Eric Tsang, Toon Hiranyasup, Maria Cordero
Synopsis: Kyoji, a sushi Japanese chef in Macao can not forget his guilt in killing his lover. He takes a slow journey from Hong Kong to Phuket, just to find a row of strange incidents to his life.



Just Friend
Prompon Sitthimongkol, Kanokwan Thanachai, Apichat Susakul
A high school boy Meen tries to win acceptance from the traditionally strict father of his girlfriend and classmate Fang.




Khan Kluay: Animation

Director: Kompin Kemkamnerd
Synopsis: Khan Kluay is the name of a young elephant whose inquisitive pursuit of his absent fathers identity separates him from his herd and leads him to an adoption by a good-hearted elephant trainer. Upon learning that his father is a battle elephant residing in the kings palace, he commits himself to training to be one of them in order to meet his father.



The Last Song

Director: Phisan Akkaraseranee
Cast: Nirut Sirichanya, Piya Sawetphikul, Amphol Rattanawong
Synopsis: Somying, a transvestite star in the Tiffany Night Club, promises herself not to fall in love with any men. She changes her mind when she meets Boonterm, just to be in a deep sorrow later. She decides to sing her last song to him.




Phuping Ping Lamprapleng Pangsa-ard
Cast:Udom Note Taepanich, Vissa Sarasas, Akara Amatakul
Synopsis:If passion dies, can a couple save their marriage? A husband suspects his wife of having an affair with another man. After a heated argument, the wife drives away and accidentally runs her car off a cliff. Wrecked with sorrow and guilt, the husband starts noticing strange events in his house. Has his wife come back to him or is it a result of an overactive imagination?



The Magnificent Five

Director: Bandit Rithikol
Cast: Jetsadaporn Pondee, Paula Taylor, Note Chernyim, Saravud Pomtong, Koh - Tree
Synopsis:When eight boys were kidnapped and enslaved by English traders, the village chief employs five outlaws with five different specialties to bring the kids back.



The Memory

Director: Heman Chetamee
Cast: Ratapoom Tokongsab, Paula Taylor, Sompong Kunaprathom, Duangruedee Boonbumkung, Kwannapa Ruangsri
Synopsis: When Thailand s superstar Film (Ratapoom Tokongsap) crashes his car during his vacation in the mountains and loses his memory, he spends his days among a hill tribe community. A female paparazzi named Ja (Paula Taylor) happens to discover him and decides to follow him for priceless snapshots, but they soon fall in love.


Mercury Man, The
Director: Bandit Thongdee
Cast: Methinee Kingpayome, Anon Saisaengchan, Wasan Kantha-u
Synopsis: Chan, a firefighter, is accidentally granted an unnatural superpower from holy objects called Leklai. Realizing both of the positive and negative side of this power, Chan tries to keep its in balance and in the mix with his own blood. At the same time, he is hunted by the mafia group who wants to take back this superpower.




Director: Yongyut Tongkongtoon

Cast: Ornpreeya Hunsart, Pimolwan Supayang, Patcharasri Benjamas, Meesuk Jaengmeesuk, Kulnudda Patchimsawad

Synopsis: When a friend announces her marriage with a handsome, considerate, and romantic man, her friends believe that her perfect man must indeed be gay and will do anything to out him.




Mor 8
Director: Yongyut Pinitphong
Cast: Patcharasri Benjamas, Meesuk Jaengmeesuk, Anis Osatanukroa, Atikan Noonpakdee, Daruneenuch Potipiti, Satida Kaewchaum
Synopsis: Mor 8 refers to the final high school year under the old Thai education system, which divided schooling into four compulsory primary years and eight optional secondary years. The year was 1957 and the governments pilot co-ed school project brought a group of well-behaved female students and two supervising female teachers from an all-girl school to an all-boy school whose male students were rowdy and the male teachers were equally problematic.



Navy Boys
Director: Worapoj Pothinate
Cast: Amarin Nitipon, Supaksorn Chaimongkol, Bumror Note Chernyim Phonginsee, Sompong Kunaprathom, Greg Schiller, Penjapon Chearun, Somchai Sakdikul
Synopsis: Entrusted with a mission to protect Thailand s eastern seaboard, these ex-navy officers must search and destroy a mafias secret hub of illegal drug and weapon smuggling. However, this mafias hideout is holding a large transvestite party and so our heroes must blend in and accomplish their mission.


Nong Teng

Director: Panitch Sodsi
Cast: Teng Terdtueng, Nong Cha Cha Cha, Isaree Soungcharern, Nikalaya Dhunlaya
Synopsis: When Nong Chachacha and Teng Terdterng, two of the funniest comedians on Thai television, join forces, nothing can be funnier. Their story sets in 1923 when foreign filmmakers want to shoot the kingdoms first film Suvanna of Siam. Faced with a possible decline of popularity of their stage show, Nong and Teng decide to try every thinkable method to sabotage the movie set.


Noo Hin: The Movie

Director: Khomkrit Treewimol
Cast: Rungrawan Tonahongsa, Kochakorn Supakarnkitkul, Panisa Buacharoen
Synopsis: Noo Hin decides to leave her poor rural village and come to Bangkok to earn a living as a factory worker. In a twist of fate, the labor agency places her as a maid for a rich family with two beautiful daughters, who win a contract with a famous designer from a modeling contest in which Noo Hin has secretly sent their names. Another model, however, wants this contract enough to plan a kidnapping of these two beauty queens and Noo Hin must put herself in the line of fire to save her masters.


Ocean Butterfly

Director: Chanon Somrit
Cast: Than Thanakorn, Anan Boonnak, Supatchaya Ruenrueng
Synopsis: A girl starts to communicate with sea creatures after her 25 th birthday. She decides to search the truth in the sea.





See How They Run
Jaturong Jaturong Jokmok Ponboon
Cast:Jaturong Ponboon, Prasitchok Nong Pee Manasantatchart, Charoenporn Kohtee Aramboy Onlamai, Jamorn Tanthanasiriwong, Pimchanok Ponboon
Synopsis: A child ghost is looking for friends but is mistaken for a vicious spirit. Everybody runs from him. Who will understand him?



Seasons Change
Nithiwat Tharathorn
Cast: Witawat Singlampong, Chutima Teepanat, Yuwanat Arayanimisakul, Chalermpol Tuntawisut, Ratchu Surachalas
Synopsis: Pom (Witawat Singlampong) is a talented boy who decidedly chooses to further his high-school study in a music collect in order to be near Dao (Yuwanat Arayanimisakul), a gifted violinist. But, as time passes, his love pursuit gets nowhere and another girl Om (Chutima Teepanat) is slowly winning his heart. Soon comes a time when he needs to make a choice between classical or rock n roll and between Dao and Om.


Thai Thief

Director: Pisuth Praesang-iam
Cast: Than Thanakorn, Suthep Pho-ngam, Sara League
Synopsis: Thai Thief' is a gang of Thai people who acts against Japan during the Indo-China War. Confusion and chaos emerge when its leader was killed by two bandits who are given the secret code to attack Japanese train.





Director: Pleo Sirisuwan
Cast: Wachara Tangkaprasert, Jiraphat Wongpaisanluk
Synopsis: The murder of his father brings Wut back to his hometown where he meets Nasor, a deranged prison escapee and psychopath. Nasor lurks in the mystical forest filled with untold evil. Wut and his posse are drawn into a fight for their lives.


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